Analyzers of exhaust transmission ΒΕΑ of petrol and diesel engine vehicles

- Accuracy of measurement, Category 0
- Possibility for measurement of nitrogen oxide
- Measurement of engine turns through the battery
- Color TFT screen
- Additional measurements
- Simple and functional operation
- Possibility for an upgrade to a full unit of exhaust measurement (gas and petrol)

KTS 520, KTS 550, KTS 650. Fast and effective diagnosis


Bosch is one of the largest independent providers of raw material in car equipment, control and diagnosis of electronically controlled car systems. KTS 650 & 520 are the ideal solution for problems in these systems through complete programs.
Simple operation, quick and immediate diagnosis of mistakes and the range of vehicles covered, make these devices a valuable assistance and an advisor for your daily work.

ΚAnd the winner is… KTS 650 at the test of Dekra.
Only Bosch..
The device KTS 650 was the only one to recognize 40 electronic car systems ……
If you consider guidance during control diagnosis as extremely important, then KTS 650 by Bosch is the best choice for you. Published in " Kfz-Betrieb spezial"

Device for battery control BAT 121 with dynamo control

-Control of 12V batteries in 10 seconds
-Operational menu and clear control results
-Automatic charge condition
-Oscillation of dynamo voltage
-Thermal printer
-Water protection

Devices for air conditioning control

Bosch is one of the largest providers of car equipment and is a pioneer in the area of car air conditioning maintenance systems.
It deals with operations such are:
- Suction and recovery of the coolant from A/C system
- Creation of a space in the A/C system
- Oil sprinkling
- Repletion of the A/C system
- Internal washing of the A/C system
that are done by SILVER,TRONIC and BUSINESS units, and save you time and money.


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