Products of high quality for professionals dealing with the maintenance and care of your car.
Spray such are: anti-moth, silicon, grease, brake cleaning spray, all offered to professionals for better and easiest vehicle maintenance.
Our products are manufactured and packaged with the strictest specifications for safety and hygiene set by the European Union.
Body Clean is a strong liquid for the infusion of metals such are carburetors, mechanical parts, aluminum etc, are offered for their proper and immediate cleaning.

Red is a skin cleaner for heavy use that removes even the most difficult dirt such are grease, oils, blots, etc.

- Includes micro-grains that act as a soft brush assisting cleaning with no fear of friction-scraping of the skin caused by hard rubbing.
- It does not contain sawdust that causes various skin allergies.
- It does plugs siphons
- Contains hydrating ingredients and is ideal for frequent use.
- Contains antiseptic
- It is effective, soft and of high quality

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